Apache web server

Create a quick Apache web server in Linux

Local website
We will start this web server with a simple web page that will be viewable from the local network.

Installing Apache
Update packages
  • This is necessary when installing any Linux program
  • "-y" will automatically accept any prompts
  • sudo apt-get update -y

    Install Apache2
    sudo apt install apache2 -y

    Open the firewall for Apache
    sudo ufw allow "Apache Full"

    View your website locally
  • Your local IP address is the address of the web server
  • Visit the IP address in a browser to view Apache's landing page
  • I.E:
  • ip address | awk '/inet / {print $2}'

Editing your site
Edit the default page
  • We will back up and rename the original default page
  • We will use nano as the text editor
  • sudo mv /var/www/html/index.html /var/www/html/apache2_default_page.html

    sudo nano /var/www/html/index.html

    Copy this code into the text editor and save
  • Press Ctrl+o then Enter to save in Nano
  • Press Ctrl+x to escape back to the Terminal