Digital Download Recovery Service

Restore your device back to Lenovo's OEM base image

At time of purchase, Lenovo devices run their own version of Windows that includes proprietary software and drivers specific to your exact model type. A Windows clean install from Microsoft's website will not include these drivers. Should you have to reinstall the operating system, use this service to restore it back to Lenovo's factory defaults. If this isn't possible in your environment, you must at least include Lenovo Commercial Vantage as part of your custom image. Lenovo Support may deny servicing a device that is not running their OEM image.

* 32GB USB key required

1. Visit Lenovo's Recovery Media page

  • Enter device serial number
  • Choose OS language
  • Select Digital Download
  • You will need a Lenovo account

  • 2. Download and run USBRecoveryCreator.exe

    3. Select and download your order

  • Log into Lenovo Account
  • Select OS and download location

  • Start and complete download

  • 4. Select and create your USB recovery media

  • USB key must be at least 32GB

  • After validation, key is completed

  • 5. Boot from USB and launch recovery