Warranty levels

Understanding Lenovo warranty levels, claims and procedures

Let's explore the different levels of support, add-on services, which warranty type fits which user profile and the end user's experience when making a claim.
  • Check your current warranty status here

  • Accidental Damage Protection must be additionally paid for (ADP add-on)
  • Batteries are only covered for 1 year after ship date. **The ship date is the ship date from Lenovo and not a reseller** Extended battery warranty must be additionally paid for (Sealed Battery add-on)

Depot Support

Software troubleshooting with overseas call-center
Hardware repair by shipping device to Lenovo's Depot
  • Lowest level of support
    • Multiple number prompts needed to reach an agent
    • Generic troubleshooting, agents follow scripts
    • Poor end-to-end case resolution
    • If issue is determined to be hardware, you will need to mail your device to Lenovo for repair. Once device is received at the depot, expect over 3 weeks for device to be shipped back.
  • Viable for large organizations with their own IT support for problem determination and multiple loaner devices.
  • Not recommended for individuals who depend daily on their device. Could work for users who have other units available or non critical dependence

Onsite Support

Software troubleshooting with call-center in Atlanta, GA (USA)
Hardware repair by onsite IBM technician
  • Mid-range level of support
    • Agents are easy to reach, low hold times
    • Comprehensive, responsive software troubleshooting
    • Structured note taking and case resolution
    • If issue is determined to be hardware, a technician will visit you at your location within ~1-2 weeks
  • Viable for small organization who need software troubleshooting but should also have loaner devices for critical issues

Premier Support

Software troubleshooting with call center in Raleigh, NC (USA)
Hardware repair by WWTS technician next business day
  • Highest level of support
    • No phone prompts and agents pick up the phone immediately
    • Call center is located at Lenovo's USA headquarters
    • Strong troubleshooting with leads and Level 2 support
    • Agent follow-up if needed for end to end case resolution
    • If issue is determined to be hardware, a technician will visit you at your location and perform the repair next business day (cut-off time for NBD service is 4PM EST)
  • This is the department I worked at 😊
  • Viable for users and businesses alike who require immediate support and fast turnaround time
  • Only available for Think branded products. No support for IdeaPads.
  • Premium Support is the same as Premier but for Legion and some Idea branded products
  • Premier Support+ is the same as Premier but includes most add-ons


A basic warranty only covers Lenovo software/hardware malfunction. Additional coverage such as accidental damage protection or international service must be appended to your warranty as "add-ons". Let's review them.

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)
  • Protection against drops or spills
  • Spill damage does not get repaired onsite and must be sent in to the depot
  • Does not cover cosmetic damage (cover scratches, palm-rest wear and tear)
  • User may be liable if device was placed in a hazardous situation (I.E: Using it near a pool)
  • User is liable for forgotten BIOS passwords and Accidental Damage Protection will not cover this
  • If you have Premier Support and accidental damage occurs but you do not have this warranty, you could pay for a billable repair and send your unit to the depot or replace parts yourself

Sealed Battery
  • Extended coverage against battery failure
  • By default batteries are only covered for 1 year after the device's ship date. Any battery issue after this is not covered unless this add-on is active
  • Batteries must be shipped ground due to federal regulations and thus may take 3-5 business to arrive and are shipped directly to your address
  • Once battery has arrived, technician will make their way to the address it was shipped to and replace it
  • Phone agent will require to perform some troubleshooting and review battery reports before determining battery as faulty

International Service Entitlement
  • Get Premier Support in different countries when traveling
  • Phone list for countries found here. User must be calling from a local number of the country they are in

Keep Your Drive (KYD)
  • Keep your defective drive if your hard drive fails and a replacement is needed.
  • For those with sensitive data and HIPPA medical privacy

Tech Install CRU (TICRU)
  • Have technician install CRU mandatory parts
  • Replacement parts have 3 serviceable levels
    • FRU Only: Only replaceable by onsite technician (I.E: Lenovo will not allow a user to replace a motherboard or screen)
    • CRU Mandatory: Must be replaced by the customer (I.E: A NVMe drive or bottom cover is easily replaceable and a technician cannot be sent onsite for CRU parts). Part is sent directly to customer and defective part is sent back.
    • Optional: Replace it yourself or request a technician perform the replacement for you (I.E: PSU, WLAN card
  • Suitable for seniors with difficulty operating a screwdriver

Phonebook and other services

Service Number
Premier Support 8556693600
International Premier numbers Link
Premium Care / Legion Ultimate Support 8882789707
Regular onsite support 8004267378
Standard (Depot) support 8774536686
ThinkSmart Collaboration supports (Hubs) 8664260255
Premier Server Support 8558824402
Lenovo partner assist 8775369955
Smart Privacy 8669890510
Sales 8552536686
Small Business Support 8664260911
Microsoft Support 8776967786