Feedback and testimonials of my service for Lenovo

I am grateful for my time in position as a Lenovo Premier Support Specialist that connected me to thousands of people and the platform to delivery high-quality IT service. A small footnote was added to my emails: “If you enjoyed your experience with my service today, please consider letting my manager know at ****@lenovo.com”. Here is what my customers had to say.
Good evening
Please allow to express my appreciation to the professionalism and tech expertise of your team.
We purchased among our order the X1 extreme for my personal use and have been thru many issues, finally your Tech Max figured out a number of complex settings & solutions and due to my low vision demonstrated professionalism and patients during troubleshoot.
As a team leader, please accept my compliments on having such a pro on your team.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!


Hi – I wanted to give you feedback on your technician. He was AWESOME! Very helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and made it easy for me. He deserves 5 stars!


Hi there,
I would like to let you know that Massimiliano is a great agent, and he is very knowledgeable. It’s great that Lenovo has these skilled workers!
Awesome support!


Hello Ms. ***,

Today I had an issue with the audio driver on my Lenovo notebook computer and called the Premier Tech Support line. The call was answered by Mr. Pappadia. Mr. Pappadia is extremely knowledgeable and maintained a professional demeanor during the call, but was also friendly to work with. He was able to resolve the issue quickly, and still was thorough, staying on with me until we had restarted the computer three times to ensure a successful repair. I believe you should know how excellent his service was today while helping me with my issue. I hope he receives the recognition he deserves for his service.

Have a great day.


Hi ***,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how wonderful my experience with Massimiliano was today.  Not only did he resolve my issue (I thought for sure I was going to have to get my laptop replaced or worse get the thunderbolt port replaced somehow) but he was patient, funny, intelligent, and very helpful.  He took a few short moments to also educate me to make my experience better in the future.  This may very well have been the best experience I have ever had with a first call tech support.  I don’t know if Massimiliano is the norm or the exception for your people but he is an excellent representative for you and Lenovo.



Hi Massimiliano,

I’m writing to you from a cellular connection via a local sim – which is WORKINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Oh the Joy!

A moment to say a big thank you – this would have never happened without you!!! This is by far the best service/care I have experienced with tech and in general. The premier upgrade has proved itself worthwhile due to your involvement, dedication, professionalism, attention to details and most of all empathy to the situation at hand with such a unique build re the 30th annev. Edition.

This functionality’s absence from the unit until now was felt and annoying and I can now safely count on this machine while traveling and be productive for the coming years.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

I’d like to say a good work for the record to your superiors via a survey or other way you find fit. LMK.



Thanks Max, Appreciate your help!

****, Max was awesome, very professional, definitely deserves a promotion!

Have a great evening guys!


Hi ****,

I would like to let you know that Max provided impeccable troubleshooting support today in my fairly complex case and resolved the issue. So this case can finally be closed after 1+ months! Even though the call took a long time, he saved Lenovo from having to track down the original motherboard that I wanted re-installed onto my computer and then having the tech reinstall it, thereby undoubtedly saving the company money while providing a solution for me immediately.

Max is a very knowledgeable professional and equally as important is that he was very logical in asking questions, understanding the issue and acting upon the information to solve it.

I hope that this message will be used for his performance assessment.

Thank you.

Best regards,




I was helped by Massimiliano Pappadia today and was very impressed by his service. He was helpful, fast, professional, and friendly. He also addressed my concerns.

Thank you,



Hey I just wanted to thank you for all that you helped me with you have made my day just don’t know also is there someone I could sing your praises to I really appreciate you taking the time to help me get my T14s working thanks isn’t enough you have a very blessed rest of your day my friend sta blessed


Dear Massimiliano,

Thank you so very much for your wonderful assistance today with resolving all my Lenovo Laptop issues. You were such a GREAT help!!

Warmest regards,



Hello Massimiliano
I am writing to express my gratitude for the exceptional customer service that you provided to me during our recent interaction. Your patience, understanding, and knowledge were truly remarkable, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for going above and beyond to assist me.

Your willingness to take the time to troubleshoot my computer issues and provide me with valuable tips was greatly appreciated. Not only did you help me resolve the problem, but you also empowered me with knowledge that I can use in the future. Your dedication to ensuring that I received the best possible support was evident throughout our conversation, and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts.

It is rare to find someone in customer service who is as knowledgeable, patient, and helpful as you are, and I am grateful to have had the pleasure of working with you. Please know that your exceptional service did not go unnoticed, and it made a significant impact on my overall experience with Lenovo.

Once again, thank you for your dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. You are a true asset to your team, and I hope that your hard work and commitment are recognized by your superiors.




He is best. I would recommend him for promotion.


Thanks so much! You did a fabulous, over-and-above job and made my day 100% better!


Dear ****,

Massimiliano is an exceptional professional, exhibiting a high level of competence in his role. He possesses excellent customer service skills and demonstrates a deep understanding of his field. He went above and beyond to provide his knowledge and links to valuable Lenovo administration tools. His kindness and friendly demeanor make him a pleasure to work with, it is clear that he takes great pride in his work.



I just wanted to take a second to let you know what a great asset you have with Max on your team. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and courteous. I work in the IT MSP space and I deal with many vendors and clients. As an MSP I know how difficult it can be when working with consumers but Max works it with ease. You’re very lucky to have him on your team.

Having all that said, I’m getting my computer repaired next week and I’m really happy with your service. I’m always skeptical about purchasing extended warranties on my computers but this is the value I am looking for in the tech space. When my clients come to me with their laptop there’s only so much I can do to remedy the situation since most computers nowadays are integrated chips only. Having spoken with Max, I will definitely recommend extended lenovo warranty to my clients as the benefit easily outweighs the cost.

Max, thank you for your help. I’m excited to get my computer finally fixed and in working order. – ****


Hi ****,

I’m writing to express my appreciation for the outstanding service I received this afternoon from Max Pappadia.

I was calling about a bitlocker lock-out on a Lenovo Thinkpad I had purchased earlier this year, including 3-year Supreme Premier Support. Max patiently explained to me the problem, and then arranged for me to promptly receive a USB that could fix the problem. He also then explained to me how I could obtain the bit locker recovery key on my other laptop (also a Lenovo), so I would have it available in case of a similar failure. He even emailed me instructions, complete with screen shots, for how I could check obtain the bit locker recovery key myself.

Max went well above and beyond what I expected! (I also appreciated that I was not placed on hold before I spoke with a live person).




Good afternoon ****
I have copied (above) Mr. Pappadia on this e-mail.

I will start this e-mail by saying that I have been as well as my company (****) A Dell customer for the past 15 years more or less and could not be happier with their computers and service to their customers. Until today. What Mr. Pappadia has done done to help me with my concerns about the Lenovo workstation that I had bought a few days back, has changed my perception towards Lenovo 100%.

When I ordered my Lenovo **** ThinkStation tower, I was expecting a computer similar in size to my Dell Xps tower that I had bought 5 years ago, Well, when I got the ThinkStation yesterday, I was a bit dissapointed in the size as I was thinking where was I going to be putting inside this Lenovo tower, the internal HDD that are in my XPS tower. I was one step away from returning the Lenovo tower when I decided to call Lenovo Premier support and maybe get someone to explain to me the limitations of the Lenovo tower with the storage capacity. So I call Lenovo Premier support, and Mr. Pappadia is the technician answering my call. This gentleman has gone far and beyond to help resolve my concerns and not only that, has made me and my company a Lenovo customer from now on. Not only is Mr. Pappadia extremely knowledgeable, he took his time to explain every concern that was in my mind and conviced me that I had made a great decision buying the Lenovo ThinkStation. I know that Dell, HP Acer etc.. all buy the same hardware from the same manufacturers and all their computers are similar. All depends on the configuration of said computer. Where Lenovo really impressed me was in thei service and Mr. Pappadia taking my call.

How important and what an asset is for a company to have a person like Mr. Pappadia, he completely changed the dynamics of the call and with his skill convinced an old Dell user to stay with Lenovo.

I congratulate Lenovo for having such a great person working and representing the company.

Btw, I also own a Lenovo ThinkPad workstation and I am very happy with it.
Hope that all of you have a wonderful Holidays and Prosperous New Year.
Best Regards,


Hi Masimiliano,

Thank you for your help today. Emailed **** about today’s experience. Well, I am going to give you 5 stars 😊 .

You have a great day ahead. Once again Thank you so much.


“please consider letting my manager **** know”:

Absolutely the best. Previous Premier tech was stumped and started me off on a wild goose chase that, fortunately for me, went nowhere right away, so I called Premier Support again and got Max (Massimiliano) who remotely probed, found and fixed the problem immediately.



Thank you Massimiliano. You’ve been very helpful, courteous and explained the situation well and how the premier service works. Thank you also for expediting things this time around.

I cannot say this much for the service Lenovo uses in San Francisco, as they were told the part was in SF 10 days ago (per the Lenovo tech that diagnosed the problem) and they should know that they cannot wait 10 days to pick it up at Fedex – it would obviously have been sent back by then.

Best regards



I just spent the last hour or so on the phone with Massimiliano Pappadia who was working on trying to get the camera on my laptop up and running. He unfortunately was unsuccessful and a repair tech is coming my way tomorrow to replace the hardware, that being said I do want to let you know that he was wonderful to work with. He was very thorough with his evaluation, explaining what he was doing in a manner that was digestible for the consumer who does not speak tech and exhausted what appeared to be all his options and resources on the software and firmware side of support. I am sure you usually receive only the complaints from unhappy customers so I wanted to just say thanks for the great support!

P.S. I was on the phone with Massimiliano within 5 min of calling the premier support line which blew me away!



Just a quick note to say what you did was nothing short of magnificent, and for someone like me who really, really needed it.

Tomorrow I will focus in and send the note I mentioned, and I thank you for sending her name.

You’ve been outstanding on so many levels. My greatest, greatest thanks to you.



Hello Massimiliano,

Thanks for your assistance today, I’ll pin this and respond to close out.

I’ll reach out to your manager for the exceptional service.




Dear ****,

I want to formally recognize Max for the excellent service he provided me today. He swiftly obtained my information, ascertained and solved the problem. During the necessary wait times we engaged in enlightening conversation and he enhanced my knowledge base!

If your entire team of troubleshooters are anything like Max, your organization exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond to please the customer! Please pass on my sincere appreciation to Max. He has made me know I made a wise investment obtaining Lenovo Premier Technical Support.

Warm regards,



Dear Massimiliano,

My sincere, very sincere apologies for the long time in answering your very kind and appreciative email. I seldom if ever meet people like you in a chance/random encounter and when I do I remember it well. I am glad the letter managed to community to you, and hopefully your superiors, how incredibly helpful you were and how much I enjoyed our conversation. Are you still with Lenovo? Have you gotten a promotion?

I have been working on various grants since we spoke about 6 months ago and have two more applications in the works. The main focus is on ethnobotany (have I sent you the field photos I take?) and automatic speech recognition/natural language processing (I work with native speakers to supply the data for training the neural networks).

Here are some photos, maybe I have bored you already.

I very much enjoyed hearing from you and thank you for writing (and excuse the delay).

All best, ****


Hi ****,

Thanks for sharing the great feedback!

@Massimiliano Pappadia,

Great work and thank you for taking care of our clients so well. Keep it up!




Thank you for your help! I am very satisfied with your support, and I have emailed your manager Ms.**** to let her know how helpful you were,


Hi ****,

Just wanted to let you know I had an excellent engagement with Massimiliano this morning, he worked with me to investigate my dock issues and compatibility, provided insight into tech specs and was instrumental in helping me decide on a Thunderbolt 4 dock that I just purchased.

It’s a pleasure to get excellent tech support!



Dear Mr. Massimiliano:

Got the replacement battery this afternoon, replaced the dead one successfully.

Thanks so much for the video and instructions.

Perfect service, very fast and very efficient. Extremely satisfied.




Hello ****,

I had the pleasure to talk to Massimiliano Pappadia today. He’s provided a world class service. I’m rather pleased with his high quality work! Thank you both.


Good Afternoon,

Earlier today I received computer assistance from Mr. Pappadia. He was able to resolve some long-standing problems I have experienced with my system. He was patient and explained the solutions as he proceeded to resolve the issues. It was a very productive session which resulted in all problems being corrected. If I was to rate him on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest level of expertise, I would rate him at the 10 level. Our company is satisfied that purchasing the Premium Support package was the right decision. Thanks.




Hi ****,

As per Massimiliano’s email signature, it was suggested I let you know about my experience today. 

I found Massimiliano to be extremely easy to talk with, very knowledgeable and informative. All round, it was a great experience. While we were waiting for a few other processes to finish, he went out of his way to also share some extra Lenovo tools that will be very helpful for me, which I greatly appreciated.




No problem, I appreciate the time you took with me to work on this. I also appreciate you allowing me to put in my two cents in situations as well it was easy to figure out solutions when we both are on the same page. You didn’t treat me as inferior and you accepted any input I had and vice versa, you did not make it seem like you wanted to be in control. We came up with a solution together.

As someone in the same trade and industry, it is essential to our workflow to understand and be dynamic to the person we are dealing with and remain professional and helpful. I appreciate your time on this. You provided me with some cool resources. I would be happy to work with you anytime, you are a good team member and Lenovo is lucky to have someone like you on their team.


Dear ****:

I am ****. I am in the process of retiring my 13 year old Lenovo Think Pad, that served me well over those past years. Recently it became a bit problematic and slower. As I am approaching my 76th Birthday on June 24th, I decided to treat myself to a new replacement LENOVO.

I had a friend set it up upon its arrival. It is working well and I’m learning. Love its speed! My friend did not properly set up my scanning function, so I turned to Lenovo’s premiere tech support group for assistance. Max was able to reset up my system better than my friend had done originally, so I am now better able to print, scan, and email files etc. He was most cordial and accommodating while on the phone, and speedily solved my issue to my complete satisfaction.

I am so glad that I thought to include to pay a bit more to include “premiere tech” support. You have a very fine fellow in Max in your department. I may have to call upon Max for some additional tech support as I learn enough to realizes the transition I must make from my old Lenovo to the new one.

Regards, ****


Hello ****,

Just a quick note to highly commend Max for the quality, competence excellence of his support for my computer problem this morning. My docking station stopped responding following a Windows Update and he was able to resolve the situation with clarity and speed. I was very impressed and pleased given the criticality of the situation. Thanks.



Thanks so much Massi. You were extremely helpful and I was working on my computer on the way home without plugging it in and it seemed to operate fine and keeping my fingers crossed that it’s permanently fixed.

Thanks again and if there is a way I can give you a shout out to your supervisors or other way, please let me know. You were highly diagnostic, efficient and really competent!! Just appreciate what you did so much. I was ready to throw the towel in on a device that I genuinely love so much (and paid a huge sum of money to get my business off the ground).

Thanks again!


Afternoon ****,

Just wanted to share my experience with you regarding help I received today. Massimiliano was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Many thanks to him!

Thank You


Dear Ms. ****,

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the patient, thorough service that Mr. Pappadia provided to me helping me enjoy the vast number of software upgrades that I purchased.

Tech Support like that provided by Massimiliano is hard to come by. I appreciated the attention to detail and am enjoying the Lenovo VPN very much. Congratulations to you for having such a capable professional on your team.


****, ****


Hi ****!

I just wanted to let you know how awesome Massimiliano was at helping me with a service request call today. He really provided excellent support to me and helped me thoroughly from start to finish. I would say this is the best service I have ever had from Lenovo.

Please give this guy a raise!!!



Dear Massimiliano,

Thank you again for the remarkable support. I sent a strong letter about the extremely positive experience both to **** and to a supervisor in Customer Support. I hope it has some positive impact.

Attached are some photos that I take as part of my fieldwork. My portals are at **** (in construction) and ****

All best, ****

BTW the computer is working well with the only problem some intermittency with the Internet, probably because of the provider.


Dear Massimiliano,

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your help with my screen issues. Since we spoke, my computer has been functioning without any of the screen issues we discussed. I think it must have been what you did with the speed of the video. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have a machine that works after all these months, and I am so grateful that I was put in touch with you as it allowed me to keep my original machine and avoid the hassle of a potential return. 

Very best,



Thank you again for staying the course and resolving my extended warranty problem with my Great P51

the golden rule seems to be that the life span of a Lenovoproduct is only 5 years — after that, Lenovo does notoffer any coverage at any cost …….

I appreciate you getting me to the sales group that for 3 weeks did not alert me or any of the other Tech Support folks to this reality

again, thank you for World Class Service


any experience with the Premier Support group has been Great after 3 weeks of Techs handing me over to sales / warranty groups, today Max stayed with me to resolve my warranty coverage problem completely what none of the sales folks I had talked to over several calls did not tell me is that even though they sent me an email with proof of Premier coverage until 2025, Lenovo will not provide any coverage when the device is over 5 years old – my Wonderful P51 was purchased in 2017 …… Thanks to Max, this information on how the warranty is applied was finally revealed, which is why I am getting warranty expiration warnings Thank you for having dedicated, customer oriented support people like Max **** 


Dear ****,

I called Lenovo support two days ago because I had number of blue screens on my X1 Fold laptop. I was lucky enough to have Massimiliano as my tech support person. Even thou it would be simpler just to ask me to send the computer back to you for service, he spent about an hour trying to figure out what was the problem and tried to help me. We decided that I will use it for 5 more day and see if the problem will return,

I would like to thank Max for his efforts and support and congratulate Lenovo on having such professional and knowledgeable person within your team!


Good Morning ****,

Thank you for taking time to send me this information, I highly appreciate the Kudos to ****  and I am excited to hear he did all he could in his power to assist with this particular situation. I will be making my management team aware of this.


Special thank you for an outstanding job well done.


Thanks really appreciated your help doa are normal.. I been doing this stuff for 39 years plus… I agree that there no reason be upset because of doa.. I find that if I unable to fix a problem it is upsetting but that because like it so much when I get to fix the problem.. certainly don’t put that blame on anyone but myself… customers ask me all the time why that happen my answers is it electronic components they fail and that’s is why i am here because you need fix them.

Thanks for at aboy… really appreciate your help…


FYI – He was helpful and solved my issues. Working with tech’s like him make it easy to call and get answers.



You were phenomenal! Thank you so very much!


Dear **** and **** (if I may),

I recently had such an amazing support experience with Massimilliano Pappadia that I wanted to write the strongest letter possible acknowledging his work. He is an incredible asset to Lenovo and, in my humble opinion, would be an incredible asset training and supervising others. Definitely the most positively memorable experience I have had in the past 4 decades with someone in his capacity. Please see attached letter.




Dear **** and Lenovo Team

I am writing this letter because of the extraordinary experience I had with a support technician for Permier Care, Massimiliano pappadia. I have never, in close to a half century of dealing with customer support, technical support, and supervisors found someone with the level of skills displayed by Mr. Pappadia. l had had a series of very unfortunate experiences with Lenovo dating back to my acquisition of two machines in December 2021’ I would like to mention that I have not bought any computer other than Lenovo for well over a decade, precisely because of its onsite support and excellent technicians. ln the present case I have had repeated troubles in having Lenovo honor my service agreements, **** can attest to the difficuities I have had. Several times I have been denied support even though I had invoices to prove I had either paid for or been giving the 4-year Premier as compensation for poor service. The computers are **** and **** .

Rather than talk about my poor experience I would like to continue by extolling the manner in which Mr’ Pappadia handled the situation. He both de-escalated my ire at having been denied service that very day, let me know that he would attend to all my tech support needs even though my computer (****) did not show up as having premier Support on the Lenovo system (see attached screenshot). He spend an incredible amount of time with me trouble-shooting every possible error in my system, explaining in clear and precise detail what the diagnostic results showed and what the possible solutions were. He was reassuring, highly professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and clear and precise. I cannot think of a better experience I have ever had.

I realize that this is beyond my “pay grade”.but in having been a loyal Lenovo customer for well over a decade I think that Mr. pappadia could well serve Lenovo in supervising and training other Premier support technicians’ I run several **** projects in **** and have equipped all with Lenovo computers bought in ****. ln all cases the support has also been excellent. But Mr. Pappadia stands well above any other customer service or technical support person I have ever encountered. Please forward this to others at Lenovo who might be able to benefit from its contents.


Hi Gentlemen,

Thank you so much. Much appreciated for your assistance, at least I can sustain for my daily needs now.

Hope the required part can be delivered soon.




Dear Massimiliano,

I have received the recovery media and I was able to restore my computer to its factory defaults. My lenovo laptop computer is functioning well.

Thank you so much for your great support. I am thrilled by your impeccable service and I appreciate the experience.

Have a splendid day.

Warm regards,



Dear **** – we don’t know each other but I felt compelled to write to you to let you know about the service, competence, speed, courtesy and delightful experience I had with your employee Massimiliano Pappadia today.

It just doesn’t get better than this, and having been a CEO of a global corporation for twenty years I know how valuable it is for a manager to be able identify an employee of the worth of Massimiliano.

No reply needed unless you care to.

Stay safe & healthy -

Warm regards,



Good morning ****,

Just wanted to let you know of the excellent support and assistance I received from Massimiliano. Even though we’ve had some minor issues with this new laptop, his precise and expedient support has reassured me that Lenovo stands behind it’s products.

Big Thanks to Massimiliano!


Hello ****,

I called and talked to Massimiliano on 2/14 regarding two laptops that I could not get working. Massimiliano helped me get one running and arranged for the other to be repaired. Massimiliano was very nice and knowledgeable and I felt like they listened to me (which a lot of tech support don’t do). Our company recently switched from Dells to Lenovos for new orders and I was hesitant about the switch because I had gotten so comfortable and confident with Dells support, but now I am confident in Lenovo’s support.

Thank you.


Hello Max

I would like to thank you for all your help in resolving the issue I had with my laptop. Your knowledge and expertise was exceptional.

Since replacing the motherboard on Friday January 28 2022 the unit was still at 98% capacity this AM when I checked to see the results of the repair.

Thank you again for your help.

As well feel free to pass this email on to any parties, to whom you answer, to identify my satisfaction and my acknowledgement of the professionalism you had shown in this matter.

Best Regards,



Thank you so much for your assistance Massimiliano!




Hi Massimiliano,

This is great, thanks very much, you were very helpful!



Done and done man, I sent a message over. Thanks again.


Hi Massimiliano,

In really really enjoyed ur service today.

Thank you so much!!



Excellent troubleshooting from Max. This case was moving slow but he picked out many likely resolutions we can work on in record time. I’m sure one of them will resolve the issue quickly.




Received. Thanks for your help and the top notch service! Happy New Year !


Thank you for your assistance. Almost a full 2-hour support call, but you made it a pleasant one.


Dear Madam,

I want to tell you about the remarkable experience that I had today with Massimiliano ‘Max’ Pappadia. In this on-line world that we live in today where speaking with customer service agents is all to frequent and quite often unpleasant and frustrating, Mr. Massimiliano was terrific in every way. He was genuinely friendly, pleasant in manner, comforting in tone, and impressively helpful in resolving my issue. He worked efficiently and quickly, demonstrated a clear command of the technology needed, and put me at ease over my issue. In all candor, at the end of our interaction it occurred to me that in this crazy time that we live in our society would benefit greatly if a complete stranger could make someone like me feel like a friend rather than just a case number. That’s exactly how Max made me feel today. I am grateful and fortunate to have had such a positive experience.

Thank you for your attention.

Best wishes to you and yours,



Dear ****,

I am contacting you about your Premier technical support representative, Max. I have been plagued with significant operating and systems issues on a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 9 that I received on 9/3/21. My product experience, after spending thousands of dollars, has been miserable. For example: since receiving it, the new computer stopped charging and I had to have the system board replaced; it intermittently stops recognizing my microphone and external monitor causing me to have restart the computer to fix it; and it shuts down on its own, repeatedly and unexpectedly.

The unplanned shutdowns have been a nightmare and impact my ability to run my consulting business and reliably retain work for which I needed to be able to bill my clients. Max was the unfortunate representative to receive my call on 12/3/21. He was the only bright spot in this misadventure. Max was kind, incredibly patient, well-informed and willing to spend time to try to diagnose the issue, research it and implement fixes. He was also able to explain to me, in plain English, the technical things he was doing along the way. As far as I’m concerned, he delivered the kind of compassionate yet expert customer service that all of your reps should provide.

The fixes we put in place on Friday were not assured to work so he made an appointment to call me today for follow up. He communicated timely with me about it, confirmed everything in writing and contacted me as promised. He stayed on the phone with me today while we assessed whether additional resolutions needed to be employed. He made some more related adjustments and again was kind, patient and willing to share his knowledge. I am very grateful for everything he did.

I should not be needing to deal with Lenovo on a brand new computer with so many significant problems and I am extremely disappointed in my product experience. The saving grace is Max. I hope you recognize him for being a great company representative. Because he is.

Thank you. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.



Hello ****,

I have a new ThinkStation from Lenovo with the Ubuntu OS loaded at the factory. It had a couple of issues. I have had to call your support line three times to get assistance and the first time there was neither a conclusion nor follow through. The second time the person did not have enough experience with Linux, but was able to direct me to Massimiliano Pappadia. Max was awesome. He communicated clearly, timely and followed through on his commitments. He worked with me to restore my server to full functionality. He was knowledgeable, good humored and polite. He deserves the ranking of premier support tech, in my opinion. If I had my way I would only contact Max for Linux. He provided an excellent experience.

If you have any questions, please contact me @ ***.***.****

Thank You,



Hello ****. I understand you are the manager for Massimiliano. I wanted to let you know that he provided great service today. Not only did he solve the issue, but he was friendly and informative. I really appreciated that he let me know what he was doing.




I just emailed your boss and put you in for a promotion!

Thanks again. The computer is running fine… thanks to you.

Great job.



Hi ****,

I have to write this email to you regarding about Mass’s service today. He’s incredible smart and helpful with my case today. The workstation wasn’t booth at all when I called. He guided me steps by steps to get back to the Windows perfectly. His expertise is so value to Lenovo. You should be proud of him.


Keep up the excellent job what you’re doing now. I know for sure, there will be a bright future for you ahead.




Hey there,

The tech came and repaired the laptop successfully after the keyboard arrived. Just wanted to say thanks for helping get this ticket resolved finally. After talking to multiple other techs, you were by far the most helpful and I stated that in the review I left.

Have a great day and a great Thanksgiving!


Dear Massimiliano,

It was such a pleasure to talk to you a few days ago.

I am so greatful and thankful to you, you have no idea. You are an angel!

Your patience, kindness and your willingness to help, one tech challenged person(me) and a 91 years old gentleman, was just beyond what was expected from you.

You went above and beyond your ‘call of duty’!!!

Thank you!

You represent Lenovo, and in my books, they are doing a fantastic job to hire such gifted people like you!

Thank you again my dear, from the bottoms of our hearts.

**** and **** 💝

I am going to forward the same email to your supervisor, so she will see what an amazing person she has on her team.


Hello ****:

I understand that you are the manager for Mr. Massimiliano Pappadia of the Lenovo organization. I have been using ThinkPad/Lenovo computers for over a decade and seldom need service support. However, when an issue arises, there is always some anxiety, and you hope you are able to reach someone quickly who can help resolve the problem.

Last night I had reason to call Lenovo when my computer suddenly seemed “to die.” I was very fortunate to reach Mr. Pappadia as soon as I placed a call to Lenovo and would like to commend him.

As a former employee of IBM, when ThinkPads were initially produced there, I am aware of the responsibility such representatives bear. Mr. Pappadia was very helpful and resolved the computer issues quickly. He new immediately what the problem was and quickly “took over” and initiated the BIOS updates that were required to get everything back in working order.

He is also very personable, and in the process, I learned that he is based in Montreal, one of my favorite cities. What could have been an anxiety provoking experience actually turned into a pleasant exchange.

I commend him highly for his knowledge, efficiency, and pleasant professional attitude.



(Long-time Lenovo user)



I just wanted to reach out and express my appreciation for Max’s help with my Lenovo machine this week.

I have had a nightmare of an experience with my laptop while on the road this week and Max was essential to getting my machine up and running to complete my job. Max showed that he cared, he made sure that the Tech came back and fixed my palm rest and got me a windows media recovery device to get windows re-installed. Without Max my laptop would have been out of commission for 6 days. Thanks for your service, Max, I hope Lenovo has more people like him! I wanted to personally reach out to you and make sure he gets recognition. Thanks!




Thanks, Max! I wish you the best of luck. You really were a great help and made a bad situation good. Let me know how i can give you a review.

Goodluck on your endeavors. You’re going to crush it. Check back in with me in a few years.



Hi Max,

Thank you so much for your help and it was nice chatting with you as well. I will let you know how my Zoom sessions go today and am most happy to reach out to your supervisor.

Have a great day,