Windows 10/11 configuration

Crafting the ideal Windows environment

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    BIOS firmware set to default configuration
    • Secure Boot must be disabled to boot from USB
    BIOS firmware verified if Legacy or UEFI
    • Bootable media must be configured for the correct firmware type
    • If the device is predates 2010 it may be Legacy only
    Verify the presence of other OS, partitions and drives in the device
    • Data disks / partitions may be present
    • Other Windows / dual boot systems may interfere with the OS installation
    • Boot sector may be written on other disks
    The correct version of Windows is being installed
    • Home / Pro / Enterprise
    Product activation is available through product key or licensing
    Determine username and if user profile will be a local or Microsoft account
    • To install local account in Windows 11: MS account with password test
    • Create username and consider a convention. I.E: user's name, generic name, descriptive name

Driver updates
    Complete all Windows Updates

System settings
  • Set PC name to serial number
  • Set time to EST
  • Power & sleep settings to never
  • Lower UAC
  • Turn on clipboard history
  • Lock screen timeout to 15 minutes
  • Require a password after screensaver
irm -uri "" | iex
  • Battery thresholding to be set manually on laptops
  • Enable built-in Windows Night light

  • Enable features
    • Enable SMB/CIFS
    • Enable HyperV
    • Allow Remote Desktop connections
    • Set Remote Desktop rule in firewall
    • Turn on network discovery
    • Turn on file and printer sharing
    irm -uri "" | iex
  • Virtualization may need to be enabled manually in the BIOS

  • Install programs
    1. Download Winget to help with installing programs and uninstalling bloatware.
    Add-AppxPackage -RegisterByFamilyName -MainPackage Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller_8wekyb3d8bbwe

  • Alternate download from MS store
  • 2. Install programs. A small sample, the flags auto-accept any prompt.
  • OpenSSH
  • irm -uri "" | iex
  • Office 2021 Professional is available directly from Microsoft
  • uBlock Origin, other web extensions and browser settings may need to be added manually
  • Disable Startup apps in the Task Manager as most are unnecessary and bothersome

  • Remove bloatware
  • Why does Windows come with this stuff?
  • irm -uri "" | iex
  • Remove OneDrive
  • irm -uri "" | iex

    Privacy & telemetry
    • DisableDiagTrackService
    • MinimalDiagnosticDataLevel
    • DisableErrorReporting
    • NeverFeedbackFrequency
    • DisableSigninInfo
    • DisableLanguageListAccess
    • DisableAdvertisingID
    • HideWindowsWelcomeExperience
    • DisableWindowsTips
    • HideSettingsSuggestedContent
    • DisableAppsSilentInstalling
    • DisableWhatsNewInWindows
    • DisableTailoredExperiences
    • DisableBingSearch
    irm -uri "" | iex

    UI & personalization
    • ShowThisPC
    • DisableCheckBoxes
    • ShowFileExtensions
    • ShowMergeConflicts
    • ThisPCOpenFileExplorerTo
    • HideCortanaButton
    • HideOneDriveFileExplorerAd
    • DisableSnapAssist
    • DetailedFileTransferDialog
    • MinimizedFileExplorerRibbon
    • Hide3DObjects
    • HideQuickAccessRecentFiles
    • ShowTaskViewButton
    • HidePeopleTaskbar
    • HideWindowsInkWorkspace
    • DisableNewsInterests
    • DarkWindowsColorMode
    • DarkAppColorMode
    • HideNewAppInstalledNotification
    • DisableFirstLogonAnimation
    • MaxJPEGWallpapersQuality
    • ShowRestartNotification
    • DisableShortcutsSuffix
    • DisableNavigationPaneExpand
    • HideTaskbarSearch
    • HideAppSuggestions
    • Enable highly detailed status messages
    • Black background
    • Set the accent color
    • HideMeetNow
    • Hide widgets [11]
    • Hide Chat icon [11]
    • Align start menu to the left [11]
    • Get Windows 10 context menu [11]
    irm -uri "" | iex
    Custom folder icons
    1. Right click a folder Properties
    2. In the Customize tab, select Change Icon...
    3. In the Look for icons in this file: text box, paste any of the lines you see below to reveal default icons in your system.

    Pin batch file to taskbar
    1. Create a new shortcut from the right-click context menu New → Shortcut
    2. In the Type the location of the item: field, enter C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c "C:\path\to\script.bat"
      • Replace /c with /k to keep the terminal open after the script is complete
      • Use a path shortcut such as "%UserProfile%\script.bat" when possible
    3. To hide script when running it right click the shortcut and open Properties. In the Start in: field enter C:\windows\system32. In the Run: dropdown select Minimized
    4. Right click the shortcut and change the icon using the .dll locations from the Custom folder icons above
    5. Drag icon to taskbar.